Covid-19 update

Updated: Jan 18

Issue 2, 8 August 2020 Welsh Government has now issued further guidance which allows use of the showers although not the club-room or galley.

PSC’s primary concern, as always, is the health, safety and wellbeing of our members and guests. The following temporary constraints remain in force to comply with UK, Welsh Government and Gwynedd Council guidance.

Compound and Clubhouse

1. Social Distancing – Observe the stipulated 2m zones from other people around our site. If social distancing is not possible for any reason then PPE MUST be worn.

2. PPE – We are recommending that members use appropriate PPE, such as masks or face shields around our site. Members must provide your own PPE.

3. Hand sanitiser is available in the passageway, with paper towels for drying hands and sanitising wipes provided in the loos. (Note: the sanitising wipes are bleached, not same as personal cleansing wipes.)

4. Please sign in on the outdoor whiteboard located near the side door (this is if needed for tracing purposes).

5. Minimal access is permitted inside the Clubhouse: only to the loos, showers, bosuns shed and (in emergency) the club room. All other areas inside, including the galley and changing areas, are closed and must not beused.

6. The club room will not be in normal use, but accessible if needed (eg for BT phone) on a ‘break glass’ panel. However, the first aid box, rescue-boat keys and vhf radio are now stored, ready to hand, in the passageway.

7. The Bosuns Shed should only be used by one person at a time.

8. The lavatories and showers are open, with the changing room limited please to shower access.

Only one person may use the wc and shower facilities at a time (Ladies and Gents are considered to be separate facilities). Please approach the door and ‘shout’ in to see if it is clear. If the facilities are in use, please step back to allow proper social distancing as the other person leaves.

If it is a busy day a one way system will operate, using the bosuns as the exit.

9. All events in the Programme are currently cancelled, including Club social events.

On the Water

1. Cruisers remain in the yard, so there is limited space, but the slip is accessible to launch small dinghies, kayaks and tenders.

2. Please endeavour to be as safe as possible on the water, to avoid putting pressure on emergency services.

3. When leaving the Glaslyn estuary please be mindful of the potential lack of facilities elsewhere (i.e. Pubs, eateries etc. closed).

4. There are no programmed activities for which rescue boat or Club support is provided: any sailing is at members’ own risk.

5. When a safety boat is operated, as far as possible the black workboat will be used, as social distancing will not be achievable with the rib. The black workboat boat will be fitted with a separation rope to aid social distancing.

6. Single handed boats will comply with social distancing

7. Other boats can currently only be used by household groups, when more than one person is aboard. In mixed groups on the water, rather than masks the RYA recommends ‘buffs’ (tube-scarves).

If you have any other areas of concern relating to Covid-19 or Health and Safety matters – Please speak to a Committee member at the earliest opportunity.

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