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PSC Annual Accounts - 2021

Dear Members,

I hope you are well and (if you haven’t already) are looking forward to returning to the Club.

Please find attached the 2021 Club accounts, as approved by the Committee and by Wallace Crooke & Co. I will report more fully at the AGM on 29 August, but for now the headlines are:

  • Surplus for the year of £10,949 (2020: £16,738).

  • Includes Government covid-19 grant of £7,000 (2020: 16,000).

  • So surplus from ongoing activities was £3,949 (2020: £738).

  • Cash at bank at year-end £32,753 (December 2020:£24,897).

  • Investments market value at year-end £53,268 (December 2020: £47,711).

  • Water use almost trebled, following five years of year-on-year reductions, the usage was 131m3 – the highest since 2016.

  • Electricity use overall continued to fall, this year by 11%. In terms of carbon equivalent, however, this is still an impressive 1.58 Tonnes CO2.

  • The Electricity supply is on a tariff fixed for two-years to January 2023, so the Club has not so far been hit by increased energy prices.

  • The meter cash boxes have been unlocked all year, meaning members can use all the facilities without extra charge or needing small coins. The usage on those meters has fallen in line with overall use (770kW) which indicates free use has not changed behaviours and the revenue lost to the club is around £130, which most people feel is acceptable, given the much greater convenience. The cash boxes will remain unlocked for the time being in 2022, and the Committee will continue to monitor the position.

  • The winter supply to cruisers (via the ‘beehive’ cabinets) and the external lights in the compound have never been charged for on a coin box, only the flat rate of £50 for those cruisers choosing to ‘opt-in’. Nevertheless this Is by far the largest area of use, 2.8 MW at a cost of £577 (eleven cruiser skippers opt in, bringing in revenue of £550).

  • This was the first year of the on-line system with e-mail requests (‘invoices’) and debit-card payments so ably put together by Ben Walwyn. Together with Will Waldron (as membership secretary) we are now much better equipped to chase stragglers. Thanks again to Ben.

  • We are largely paperless with most member expenses and many invoices received by e-mail, and all files and records held electronically. This also saved cost and hassle in the audit process, uploading the documentation rather than posting a large file across the country.

In the meantime hoping to see many of you at the Club, and on the water. Stay Well, Michael Bithell (Hon Treasurer)

PSC 2021 accounts final
Download PDF • 785KB

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