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Porthmadog Sailing Club - AGM 2020

Updated: Oct 18, 2020


You are no doubt sick and tired of hearing that we are navigating strange and unique times but life has to go on and so we have had to be creative as your Committee in meeting the requirements of the Club Annual General Meeting.

The chief legal requirements of the AGM consist of the appointment of Officers and the appointment of an Auditor for the accounts and then, not legally required but clearly of interest to members reports of club activities during the year in question.

In the light of this please find attached.

1. Minutes of last AGM

2. Nominations for Club Officers

3. Nominations for Committee members

4. Proposal for the appointment of Auditor – this is included in the Hon Treasurers Report namely Wallace Crooke

5. Details of Temporary Rule Change to allow the AGM to be run virtually

6. Reports from

Honorary Treasurer

Honorary Membership Secretary

RC Cruisers

RC Dinghies

RC Admin

You will note that an Election is required for the Office of Commodore, which is very encouraging having had a year without this post being filled. A vote is also required for the appointment of Auditor.

Clearly we are not meeting in person so voting will take place as follows:

If you are a fully paid up voting member (family memberships are entitled to two votes) please email me with AGM Voting in the subject line as follows.

My vote for Commodore: …………………………………….(insert name)

Proposal for Auditor ………………………..(insert For or Against)

The closing date for receipt or emails is 1200 hrs on Monday 31st August.

This distance voting means that a greater number of members should be able to vote than normally happens so we should be able to meet the quorum requirements. So please vote!

You will also note that not all Officers have been proposed and seconded although all have agreed to stand. It would be very helpful if some members would complete the gaps and let me know for posterity!


If you wish to ask questions on any of the attached reports or anything else related to the club, please email the questions to me along with your AGM vote before the deadline. A combined question and answer sheet will be collated and sent to all members after the AGM.’

I trust I have covered everything in the above and the attachments but please contact me if you are aware of anything missing or you have problems with the attachments.

I am only human!

Thank you



Acting Commodore's message AGM 2020
Download PDF • 79KB

PSC Committee Nominations 2020
Download PDF • 105KB

PSC Treasurer's Report 2020 - 2 Aug
Download PDF • 251KB


RC Dinghies Report to the 2020 Porthmadog Sailing Club AGM

As you might expect there is not much to report!

Just before lift-out we had a very high tide which floated the slipway pontoons off their rails. The small one was tied on and suffered no damage but the large one was damaged beyond repair. On examination there was considerable rot in the structure. A new one has been constructed re-using fittings as far as possible but, in current circumstances, not launched. We are obliged to Bill Jameson for the gift of all the decking. We have a strategy using chain loops to avoid reoccurrence.

There was some sailing between lift-out and Christmas using the Club Wayfarer. Weather was not conducive after Christmas and then we had closure of the harbour from 6 March to 6 July. Sailing after 6 July was only possible for lone sailors or household groups due to social distancing measures, still in place at the time of writing (5 August). Some sailing has taken place, but few members have brought their dinghies down. The lockdown has been particularly unfortunate for several new dinghy sailing members (new in 2019) eager to get sailing.

Unsurprisingly there have been no repair costs to dinghies nor powerboats. The walkway to the headland is currently condemned due to corrosion. This will be easier to repair once the pontoons are launched.

Alan Butler

RC Dinghies


RC Cruisers Report

What a year! I do not think anyone will forget Covid 19, lockdown and the gradual ease of restrictions.  On behalf of all members who have had cruisers in the yard during lockdown, I would like to thank Alan Butler for keeping a very close eye on our boats and the Club in general.

I also have the sad duty to report the passing of three Club members; Mac Ozanne (Capercallie), Roy Yeoman (Sianne) and Chris Duce (Tuliaan).  All three greatly appreciated being members of PSC and are sadly missed.

Again, on behalf of all cruiser members storing boats in the yard, I would like to thank Mike Cooke for preparing for lift in on Saturday 28th March which had to be cancelled and for then looking ahead for alternative lift in dates to suit tides, weekends and Government lockdown easing.  Not an easy task. As we all know the eventual possible date of Saturday 25th July was very late in the season and the majority of members were reluctant to launch in case local lockdown returned and boats would be left in the water into the winter.

For those who have not been to the Club recently, the moorings have a "winter look" with all the trots between the Club and town being empty of boats.

Since Celtic Morne, owned by Max and Sue Walker, was close to where the crane could stand in the yard they were able to be lifted in privately.  I also understand only six boats from the late David McClean's yard chose to be lifted into the water.  

Nevertheless, despite the congestion in the compound and the continued closure of the Clubhouse, members are sailing dinghies, rowing tenders, paddling canoes and some members making full use of their cruisers ashore!  Next year can only get better!

It seems a long time since March but I would also thank Bill Jameson for preparing in detail a full range of interesting questions for the Quiz Night and to all members who had started preliminary planning for the Lift In Supper, both of which were cancelled unfortunately.

Finally, We all hope next year will be closer to normal and I would like cruiser members to note in their diaries that Lift In for 2021 will be 20th March - HW 12.20, HT 3.8m.

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