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Minutes - PSC AGM 2019


Minutes of the 63rd Annual General Meeting held in the Clubhouse on

Monday, 26th August 2019 at 1200 hrs

1. 37 Voting Members were present.

2. Apologies for absence

Christine Dawber, John and Lindy C-T, Pete Turner, Mark and Steph Sumner, Mary Jane, Dodds Caroline Jameson Elizabeth Reynolds Peter and Elizabeth , Caroline Bithell, John Perkins Eddie Hawksworth, Hanslip, assorted Northovers, Lorna Cook, Jonathan Cook, William Waldron James Parker, Jackie Rowe

3. Minutes of the previous AGM held on 27 August 2018 were read and acceptance proposed by Michael Bithell and Seconded by Nicky Cook and were approved nem con with three abstentions.

4. Officers’ Reports

4.1. Rear-Commodore Dinghies

First the bad stuff: I would seem to have presided over the near demise of dinghy racing at our Club. Only six races sailed, four of which were over this weekend, and then with only five entries. This was disappointing but there are some factors which have led to this. Our racing fleet has been fragile for many years but this year we were without two keen sailors due to ill health and lost Christine Dawber who has moved to Haverfordwest. However, all is not bad. Racing shouldn’t be seen as everything. People are enjoying sailing and surely that’s the main thing.

For the first time we kept our Wayfarer in commission throughout the Winter and she was used in every month. When I started sailing here we had no wetsuits and our boats were mainly wooden so we were happy to call it a day in October and put the boat in the garage. However, now we have drysuits, warm neoprene boots and plastic boats so winter sailing is much more attractive. To keep some sailing available is important, particularly when there are 12 month alternatives not too far away. We also have some local members now who are keen to sail all year.

Good news is that we have had several people join our dinghy sailing group within the last two months and Martin and Janet Matthias have also joined our fleet with a Wayfarer of their own. Most new members are beginners and I’m pleased to be able to offer them tuition. Hopefully as they gain confidence, some will join the racing.

Our Club boats other than the Wayfarer have not seen much use. However, we were recently given a decent Topper which has proved very popular. Expenditure on the dinghies has been minimal. Our rescue boats have been reliable and on two occasions the black boat showed its worth in service over the shallow areas.

Powerboat training continues so that we maintain a healthy capability should the need for rescue arise.

Thanks to help from Port Dinorwic SC and to the Conway Centre on the Menai Strait my sail and power instructor qualifications were revalidated for a further 5 years over the Winter. Hannah Woodcock is currently working toward instructor qualification which will be excellent. She has already assisted me with training on occasions.

Well there we are: not great but there is hope!

3.2. Rear-Commodore Cruisers

We lost two members during the year:

Peter Cook 92-94 Commodore.

John Snow with Calypso. Ben has taken it on.

Lift out and in went well

Man overboard course (AB) well attended Fluorescent flag helpful

Cruising Destinations during the year

Chris Cowlard IOM Ireland Scotland S Wales

John and Lindy France

Colin and Penny France

Sue and Keith Scotland

Steve Pearce Scotland

Sue and Max Scilies

Jenny and Rod Skoma

Mike Cook Newquay

Boat up from Falmouth

Mundane matters

Life ring cover supplied by HM

June 2020 Transformer watch this space

Judith and David wish good cruising

Finally – The season is not over! 7th-8th September good tides for cruise also 21st ad 22nd and 5th and 6th October

3.3. Rear-Commodore Admin

After doing the admin job for 9 years I am stepping aside to let someone else have a go. A big thank you to all who have volunteered or been conscripted in to help over this time.

A quick review of this year:


After many years Bill’s daughter decided to stop as our cleaner. We now have a new cleaner Dawn who is doing a few extra hours to keep our clubhouse in good order.


The soffits and fascias were deteriorating and looking rather tatty. Due to the requirement for working at height, it was decided to put the replacement of these areas and the gable end panels out to a local contractor, who was very ably assisted by Alan.

Clubhouse Interior

Internal decoration has been on the work party list for a number of years and there has been a lack of offers to do this work, which was becoming increasingly necessary, so a local contractor was taken on to redecorate the interior painted areas.

Alan replaced a lot of the door furniture to further enhance the freshened image.

Gents Shower Block Roof

Alan Butler has sealed the leakage points and we are hoping Keith Harrison will be able to fit in the installation of a new UPVC ceiling in the near future.

New Units

We have recently added the new units here in the clubhouse to tidy up our storage facilities and enable the catering equipment to be kept inside and in better order.

Particular thanks to Alan Butler and Michael Thomas for overseeing this work with the assistance of Peter Tutton.

Carpet Cleaning

We employed a carpet cleaning contractor to revitalise the clubhouse carpet. There were however a couple of areas they were unable to fully clean. Ever up for a challenge, Alan Butler set to and managed to remove these stubborn stains to bring the whole carpet up to the same smart standard.

There is a recurring theme through these items – Alan. After retiring from work Alan offered to be assistant R C Admin and has taken to this role with his usual boundless enthusiasm.

The maintenance of our club is traditionally one where we all ‘chip in’ to keep costs down and to gain some fun and friendship whilst doing the jobs.

However I must make three particular mentions – Alan Butler, Bill Fazakerley and Peter Tutton.

Every week these three will be around the site doing a range of jobs, without being asked, to keep our club in good order.

A Very Big THANK YOU to them, from me, as this position would be extremely difficult without their unstinting help and guidance.

If you are aware of any jobs which need to be done, please let Hannah know by jotting the problem down in the little notebook by the side door or drop an email to

Mike Cooke

RC Admin

3.4. Honorary Treasurer

The 2018 accounts were approved having been circulated sent by email in order to meet official dates.

Full cashbook spreadsheet were available for members inspection

Healthy surplus. £2000 on moorings in 2018 (every 5 years).

Expenditure: Low cost on repairs <£1000.

Question re: Dinghy launch fees.

2019 Brave predictions made for the year!

3.5. Honorary Secretary

3.6. Membership Secretary covered by MB

4. Commodore’s Address

Great weekend.

Mixed weather through the year. Lots of new faces. Thank AB again.

Maintenance. All committee a good job. RC Illness needed acting Commodore.

Lot of dinghy sailing but not a lot of racing

Last two weekends Fun day one and two!

Forward new committee members.

LI supper dates 28th March 2020

LO supper 19th Oct 2019

5. Election of:

5.1. Officers

Nomination for the officers positions proposed and seconded were put to the meeting. En Bloc acceptance was proposed by Lesley Butler and Seconded by Mike Cooke and passed by the meeting nem con.

5.2. Committee

Nominations for the general committee all proposed and seconded were put to the meeting. En Bloc aacceptance was proposed by John Lewis and seconded by Bob Northover and passed nem con.

5.3. Accountant

That Wallace Crook be reappointed as accountant was proposed by Michael Bithell and seconded by Mike Cooke and passed nem con.

6. The meeting formally closed at 1150hrs.

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