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In memoriam Steve Pierce

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

It is with great sadness that I advise you that Steve Pierce passed away on Sunday.

Steve has been a very active member of PSC, man and boy, since the early days of the club in Samson’s Bay.

Steve was a very accomplished sailor, having great experience in our bay in a variety of boats, most recently as co-owner of Althorne, as well as crewing and catering on a number of delivery trips, even crossing the Atlantic.

Steve fully participated in club life, serving on the Committee for many years and holding the position of RC Cruisers for a number of seasons.

Steve’s unending drive and enthusiasm along with his gregarious nature contributed to the atmosphere and spirit of the Club.

Many members will remember the amazing meals which he conjured up for us, at so many of our social functions.

Our thoughts are with his parents Spen & Miggs, his loving partner Julie, his sister Janet and his two sons, Matt & Mark, of whom he was especially proud.

Mike Cooke


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