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Equal opportunities policy

1. The Club is committed to a policy of equal treatment of all members and encourages all members of whatever level or authority, to abide by and adhere to this policy when on the premises, or elsewhere representing the Club or on Club business.

2. Specifically, discrimination is prohibited by:

· Treating any individual on grounds of gender, colour, marital status, race, nationality or ethnic of national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability less favourably than others.

· Expecting an individual solely on the grounds stated above to comply with requirement(s) for any reason whatsoever related to their membership, which are difference from the requirements for others.

· Imposing on an individual’s requirements which are in effect more onerous on that individual than they are on others. For example, this would include applying a condition which makes it more difficult for members of a particular race or sex to comply than others not of that race or sex.

· Victimisation of an individual.

· Harassment of an individual, by virtue of discrimination.

· Any other act of omission of an act, which has as the effect of disadvantaging one member against another, or others, purely on the above grounds. Thus, in all the Club’s recruitment, selection, promotion and training processes, as well as disciplinary matters, it is essential that merit, experience, skills and temperament are considered as objectively as possible.

3. The Club commits itself to the disabled person whenever possible and will treat such members, in aspects of their recruitment and membership, in exactly the same manner as other members. The difficulties of their disablement permitting, assistance will be given, wherever possible, to ensure that disabled members are helped in gaining access. Appropriate training will be made to such who request it.

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