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Electricity: Winter usage policy

This document is intended to explain the main points agreed by your committee regarding Winter Electricity Usage.

The committee’s intention was to create a process which would fairly distribute the substantial increase in electricity costs among our members according to usage.

The committee will review the policy every 12 months to make sure that it’s simple, fair and meets the needs of the majority of members.

The policy splits usage into 3 categories:-

Case 1) Members Requiring Continual Use of Power

Members should connect through a “Beehive” at an annual cost of £120.00, payable in the Club Shop prior to connection. If a member requires continual use and cannot connect via a “Beehive”, the user should seek approval from the committee to connect to the club power supply in another way. The cost of an alternative, continual connection will be £120.00, payable in the Club Shop prior to connection. As most members are aware, the “Beehives” are only suitable for the connection of low power devices. The electricity is supplied on a “fair usage” basis and where it can be shown that excessive use is being made of a connection, in the interests of fairness to all club members, the committee reserves the right to recover additional costs.

Case 2) Members Requiring an Ad-Hoc Power Supply for Overnight Stays

In-line meters will be available in the club house. They should be attached to the power supply and “Before” and “After” readings used to calculate the power used. The Club Shop will display the charge rate and the user can make the calculation and buy the electricity from the club shop after their stay.

Case 3) Members Requiring Ad-Hoc Connection of Power Tools

This is available to members free of charge. It includes, among other things, the use of power washers, drills, sanders and grinders.

Winter Electricity Usage Policy Version 1.0
Download PDF • 17KB

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