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Dinghy racing returns!

Last weekend we held a "Start to Race" course, principally for those new(ish) to sailing and new to racing.

On Saturday, techniques and basic rules were discussed and then some practical skills practised in the afternoon. Unfortunately there was too much passing traffic to practice starting but we will do that another day.

On Sunday we had a practice race with on-the-water coaching. Wind was light but five boats sailed the course and another (Hartley) made a part showing. Many had a poor start blamed on a hooter which was not loud enough and they didn't notice the flags. I will be fitting a louder horn before the next race.

Hopefully we will get a few more races in before August BH regatta, traditionally our biggest event. On suitable tides I will put out a note each Thursday on Whatsapp asking who wants a race at the weekend. Ideally I would like 6 starters to make the effort of running a race worthwhile.



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