Cruiser lift-in

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As suspected, the lockdown is continuing and makes our original March lift-in date impossible. Any new date will have to be in compliance with both Welsh and English regulations. Currently the English provisional date for allowing people to return to staying in their own accommodation again, is 12 April. We promised, previously , to give at least 4 weeks notice of lift-in, after we are allowed to travel and stay, to allow for launching preparations. On the assumption that the Welsh easing will be similar to the English, we are now considering Saturday 29th May (Whit weekend) as a potential date - this has a 5.0m tide at 1100, which is ideal. If this timeline comes to fruition, there may be some members who would want to start dinghy sailing before the cruisers go back in.

Whilst we cannot accommodate any dinghies in the yard yet, we do have our fleet of Club dinghies available including, after Easter, our two new Hartley 12.2’s

Looking forward to getting back on the water.

Mike Cooke

Lift Coordinator.

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